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About Yamarkets

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About YaMarkets!

YaMarkets is the industry leader in the Forex and CFD markets. We pledge to create a trustworthy, approachable, and ethical trading platform. We are committed to offering a convenient trading environment free from conflicts of interest. Established in 2016, YaMarkets is dedicated to giving you access to learning and provides a practical trading platform that supports a variety of goods, including forex, indices, commodities, and crypto. YaMarkets customers gain access to extensive training, committed service, and round-the-clock, expert customer support.

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We only employ and partner with the best in the industry. We invest in the development of our team to ensure clients always get quick, accurate service around the clock.



We invest in the development and optimisation of our trading infrastructure and are dedicated to the highest platform uptime. We operate multiple data centres around the world to give our clients the best possible connectivity.



We continually monitor our liquidity sources to ensure tight spreads and strong market depth. We keep our operational costs low through the use of efficient technology and lean processes.

Everything We Do is Driven by Trading.

We are one of the most well-established and trusted forex trading brokers.
  1. Provide you with exceptional 24 hours customer service
  2. Market leading trade execution
  3. Fast withdrawal system
  4. Trading support and account management for traders of varying experience levels