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At YaMarkets, we are dedicated to empowering traders worldwide with cutting-edge tools and resources to excel in the dynamic world of financial markets. As a testament to our commitment, we are thrilled to introduce our latest IB Reward Program.

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Are you ready to maximize your earnings as an Introducing Broker (IB)? Look no further. Our IB Reward Program offers an unparalleled opportunity for you to amplify your income and thrive in the trading landscape.


Net Deposit Rewards Lots
1$ to $24999 Rs 1 100
$25000 to $49999 Rs 2 200
$50000 above Rs 3 300

South Africa Reward

Net Deposit Rewards Lots
$1 to $4999 SAR 1 100
$5000 to $19999 SAR 2 200
$20000 above SAR 3 300

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of being a part of the YaMarkets family. With our IB Reward program, your success is our success.

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Embark on a rewarding partnership with YaMarkets and elevate your earning potential as an Introducing Broker. With our IB Reward Program, the opportunities are limitless, and your success knows no bounds.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Starts from 1st March 2024 to 31st March 2024.
  2. ECN account type is not valid fot this contest.
  3. Deposit Target is calculated by accumulated net deposits (deposits – withdrawals) to the Clients directly introduced by the Affiliate only, towards the Deposit Target.
  4. Affiliate can monitor his Deposit and Volume Targets on his IB CRM area.
  5. The Affiliate’s own accounts are excluded from the YaMarkets IB promotion, therefore deposits and volume traded on Affiliate’s own trading account shall not be counted towards the Deposit and Volume Targets.
  6. The Deposits and trading volume of Clients introduced by sub-Affiliates of the Affiliate shall not be counted towards the Deposit and Volume Targets.
  7. Only forex, gold, silver and cryptocurrency positions traded by Clients directly introduced by the Affiliate shall be counted towards the Affiliate’s Volume Target.
  8. Only active client accounts during the contest period will be considered for the calculation of volume.
  9. Only closed deals(trades) are taken into calculation. Open trades will not contribute in volume calculation.
  10. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify, change or terminate this Bonus Program or any of the terms and conditions included herein, at any time, without the Client’s consent.