How To Enable Security In Mt5 CRM

YaMarkets 2023-02-21

How to enable security in MT5 CRM

In a Paradigm shift, we’re moving into a digital transformation and with this digital transformation, it's important to have a secure information security program that takes into account different types of controls. Our computers and mobile devices carry so much personal data that it's no surprise that these are top targets for hackers or malware that leads to data breaches.

Security and privacy are incorporated into everything we do as part of a proactive approach to data protection. Keeping this in mind, we have integrated security elements in our CRM for MT5 trading platform by providing an additional security layer into your trading account. We have integrated 2 factor authentications (2FA), so that traders can trade with confidence,

How to enable 2FA in YaMarkets CRM for MT5 Trading applications

  1. To enable 2FA authentication, you need to install the Google authenticator app on your iOS or android device
  2. Login to your CRM of MT5 Trading App
  3. Under the two factor authentication in my profile section, generate a six digit security code by scanning the QR code using Google authenticator app
  4. Enter the six digit security code in the box
  5. Your wallet is protected with 2- factor authentication.

Please find below the screenshot of the MT5 trading app, that will help you understand easily to enable 2FA


2FA provides you the additional layer of security even when trading account's login and password are compromised. The 2FA authentication prevents unlawful access to make traders feel more assured.

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