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What is PAMM Trading?

PAMM, or Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a mechanism that connects investors with traders, facilitating earnings through collective trading within a single account. This approach allows for a diversified portfolio managed by skilled traders.

For Masters (Experienced Traders)

If you have a well-established trading strategy and seek additional earnings, consider joining our PAMM solution as a master. Joining a PAMM solution as a master allows you to trade on behalf of multiple investors under a consolidated account.

As a master, you'll receive an additional percentage from every investor account, boosting your income based on successful trades.

Become a Master

For Investors

Let experienced traders manage your funds, and you'll earn a share of profits from successful trades. Joining PAMM as an investor is a great way for beginners or hesitant traders to start.

Just add your funds to a money manager of your choice and get returns based on your contribution to the master PAMM account.

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Key to Markets PAMM

YaMarketsPAMM Trading

The YaMarkets PAMM, or Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a software tool enabling traders to share their strategies with interested investors.Investors can access their PAMM accounts using a web-based interface, requiring only a standard web browser on any device (be it mobile or desktop), eliminating the need to install MT4.

PAMM software:

  • Accessibility and Convenience:The PAMM system offers a user-friendly web-based interface accessible via any device with a standard web browser, eliminating the need for MT4 installation.
  • For Traders: They can maximize profits, establish a certified track record, and potentially transition into professional fund management.
  • For Investors: Access to top-performing trading strategies shared by seasoned traders while retaining control over their accounts.
  • Flexibility and Control: Investors have the freedom to swiftly join or exit a PAMM account, typically completing the process within a few business hours. The hourly NAV calculation ensures transparent profit/loss allocation for all trades.
  • Customization: Investors autonomously select PAMM accounts to join, while managers can establish flexible fee structures.
  • Security: The system safeguards managers' strategy intellectual property, protecting it from potential reverse engineering by investors.

Get started with PAMM Trading

Sign Up to YaMarkets

Register with YaMarkets by providing basic personal information and contact details on our registration form. Ensure email verification by clicking the link sent to your private inbox.

Submit Your Docs

Submit your official documents by logging into your private portal and uploading a recent proof of address (dated within 3 months) along with a government-issued ID.

Open Live PAMM Account

Initiate a PAMM account by clicking 'OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT' in the portal and choosing PAMM from the dropdown menu.

Deposit Fund

Deposit funds into your new PAMM account to gain access to the portal. Money managers are required to deposit a minimum of USD 500, while the minimum deposit for investors is USD 50. Your earned returns will also be deposited into this account.

Login to the PAMM Account

Access the PAMM portal by logging in using the MT4/5 number and password sent to you via email. Investors can review Money Managers based on their performance, while managers can create their own offers.

PAMM Trading FAQ's

Yes, YaMarkets PAMM accounts have minimum investment requirements. For money managers, the minimum fee to open an account is USD 500, while for investors, the minimum initial deposit is USD 50. These minimum amounts are necessary to start and access the PAMM portal.

Yes, investors using YaMarkets PAMM accounts have the autonomy to select their preferred money managers. They can browse through available money managers based on their performance and make informed decisions regarding where to allocate their funds.

YaMarkets PAMM accounts may involve fees. Money managers can set flexible fee structures, often referred to as "offers," which determine the charges for their services. Investors should review these fee structures when choosing a money manager to understand any associated costs.

YaMarkets does not offer any financial advice, asset management or portfolio management service. None of our employees will ever solicits any client or prospective clients to make any particular investment. If you receive phone calls or emails from someone using our company's name soliciting investments and/or promising certain profits then please let us know immediately.


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